Earn money with G2a Goldmine - Easy Way

"Q: What's the G2A GoldMine?
A: G2A Goldmine is an innovative profit generator. It is fully integrated with G2A.COM, one of the leading games and software selling platforms. The money you are to earn is based on purchases made in the G2A shop using your ‘Reflinks’ or discount coupons."

(I don't have YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Other Socials, Blog, Forums etc..)

#1 Ok so first sign in to the G2A Goldmine Website Here
#2 Once you registered you need to create a reflink (Please note that you can create as many as you want) to do so you will need to click the '' Modify '' button

You will be Linked to the '' Tools '' Page and after that you will have to click on the Button '' + Add more ''

You can name it whatever you want... I suggest naming it like '' cheap games '' or '' games discounts '' or whatever you prefer, this is important so try using your imagination and guess a good name. OPTIONAL: Once you're done you can choose if you want to link it to any Game in particular or any Games Category you want (es. Action, FPS, RPG...) or you can link it to any G2A Marketplace page, like a Discount Sales Page, a Discounted Game etc.. 

#3 Now It's time to SHARE your Reflinks.

The method i use (Best one if you dont have Youtube Facebook Any place where your reflinks could be seen by alot of people) to share them, is putting them on Coupon Websites, linking to Discount Sales, Discounted Games, Any New Game, anything you think is good for making people click it.

This is a list of all the best Coupon Websites:
You can find more on google if you want SAMPLE ONE (i used SaveVy):

See how EASY it is? The reflink it's linking to the GTA V PC PreOrder Global Key

I suggest putting a Reflink on each of these sites every two or three days but It's up to you, you can put them Everyday or Everyweek this will influence the Money you Earn though.
"It is simple as pie. Each product on G2A.COM includes some information about how much you can earn by recommending it. If someone clicks on your reflink and after some time makes a purchase, the cookies will make sure that you receive the amount specified on the product page on the very day Person A placed the order. is thus on level 1 relation to you as he or she made the purchase directly thanks to your reflink. Level 1 relation means that you earn 100% of the amount specified on the product page. What is more, if the creates his/her own reflink for another person who consequently will make a purchase, will enter the Second Level relation in your group of your group, allowing you to benefit 60% of the amount stated on the product page. Similarly, if recommends a product via reflink to yet another avid gamer you will receive 40% of the amount specified on the product page since will from now on be on third level relation in your group."


 You will see first moneys after 3-4 days, even a Week, (I saw mine after 1 week and half) it all depends on how you shared your reflinks, but after that you will start earning Costantly with a daily profit.


The more Cookies and Privates in your team you have the more you Earn $

If you have any doubts or any question/problem with this Method feel free to post down below